What is "Sporty Tots"?

Sporty Tots is a new innovative sporting programme specifically designed for children between the ages of 3 - 5 attending Early Learning Centres, Kindergartens and ChildCare Centres.

A typical Sporty Tots lesson lasts for a duration of 30 minutes and during this time the children will play a warm up game consisting of body movement and awareness while listening to verbal commands. Then the children will commence to play games involving apparatus. Following the apparatus games the children will take part in a warm down game, which is mainly for fun but still involves all the Sporty Tots principles, which can be viewed in "The Sporty Tots Concept"

The children will play and use the following sporting apparatus.
  • Badminton & Tennis Racquets
  • Golf & Hockey sticks
  • Cones & Hoops
  • Small & Large Balls
  • BasketBall Hoop & Balls
  • Frisbees & Rockets
  • Parachute & Skittles
  • Hurdles & High Jump
  • Lacrosse & Baseball
  • Soccer & Rugby
  • Scoop Ball & Quoits
  • Aussie Rules
  • And various other types of sporting equipment

    All the programmes are designed to ensure a high level of safety, education, and above all - FUN!

    There will be one lesson per week at the same time every week. The number of the children in each group should not exceed 14 depending on the size of the venue - this is due to safety reasons.