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Hello Daryl,
With regards to Calista and her sporty tots activities.
Thanks very much for the sense of achievement and drive she has obtained from attending your classes, I do believe it will be of great assistance in the larger environment of school she is being flung into. The attitude of 'Giving it a Go' has shown in Christmas holiday activitites.

Once again, thanks for the feedback during her time with your program.
Andrea McKenzie

Just wanted to let you know:
When our daughter Amelia was 3 we decided to enrol her in Sporty Tots to help her build her co-ordination skills and general physical capabilities. What we didn't expect was that this would change the way Amelia would even view attending school. She found new enthusiasm for school particularly on the days that Sporty Tots was on. It wasn't long before we included a second day for her so that she could polish her skills that she had learned the previous day.
We have found that Sporty Tots has helped Amelia in many areas. It has made her more confident in her own abilities and has helped her with her social skills. She has forged friendships with team mates that have flowed through to her classroom associations.
It has been a great experience for both her and us. We would recommend it to any parent interested in providing that extra something to help their children grow and shine. We love it!!
Mrs C. Krpan, Qld.

Hi Darryl,
I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you do. My Son, Dante, smiles every time I mention your name or Sporty Tots. He loves it.
Robyn Cox

Sporty Tots has been a great investment in our daughters development
and her future. She has been involved since it came to her day care centre,
and the improvement is huge. She loves it and looks forward to each session,
always talking about what she did with Daryl and the other kids.
She likes all the activities and often incorporates them into games we play at home.
I would recommend for any parent thinking about the program to go ahead.
It is a fun way for your children to learn. I am glad our daughter could be involved in something like this, it would be good for all children to have this kind of opportunity.
Regards Adriana

Thanks Daryl,
I really appreciate the "newsletter" of the weekly activities.
Bayley (Horton Lakes CCC) just loves Sporty Tots, and I think it has allowed him to try things he wouldn't have otherwise.
Just wanted to let you know that we are seeing a real benefit in the program for him....And he loves it!!!

Thank you for encouraging Tahia to develop and increase a wide range of skills. Tahia has said you have been a very good teacher to her.
Debbie Marshall